‘Hellraiser’ Cenobite Nicholas Vince: The Horror News Network Interview

Horror fans know Nicholas Vince from Clive Barker’s classic, Hellraiser, where Vince played Chatterer, and from Nightbreed where he portrayed Kinski. Although he’s known for playing one of the sadistic Cenobites, Vince is also known for getting chatty in a good-natured way by taking on the interviewer’s role. His YouTube channel, Chattering with Nicholas Vince ended in 2018 after 140 episodes. This past October, he partnered with Chris Roe and Tea Time Productions to launch The Chattering Hour podcast available on YouTube and other streaming services. To date, he has delved into carreer-spanning conversations with legends like Malcolm McDowell and Traci Lords. We recently caught up with Nicholas to discuss this new project and his own memorable career.

Horror News Network: In the craziness of 2020, how have you been staying sane?

Nicholas Vince: During the first lockdown in the UK, I turned to creating some cartoons based on my husband and our dog. Basically, our lives from a dog’s point of view. I also created some art based on the Chatterer character, along with a couple of inspirational quotes, including one from my show I Am Monsters!

Horror News Network: Most horror fans know you from the Hellraiser films, so I have to ask how do you think the Cenobites would’ve handled the pandemic?

Nicholas Vince: I’m immediately reminded of the deleted scene in Hellbound: Hellraiser II where Pinhead (Doug Bradley) and the Female Cenobite (Barbie Wilde) were seen wearing surgeon’s masks. So, they were definitely ahead of the game. Generally, I think they would just enjoy watching people suffer.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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